Holding down the left mouse button will move your character toward the current location of your mouse pointer.

You can also move your character by using the w, a, s, d or the arrows keys on your keyboard.


NPC (non player character) names are in green. To talk to an NPC left click on them.

If an NPC has a scroll above its head it means that they have a quest for you.
Gold: The NPC has a new quest, talk to the NPC to receive the quest and find out more details on what you need to do to complete it.
White: The NPC has aquest but you are not yet at a high enough level to take it.
Grey: You have received a quest from this NPC but you have not completed it yet.
Blue: You have completed the quest and you can talk to the NPC to claim your reward!


Player names are shown in white. When you click on a player an information box will appear. Clicking again on this box will give you a range of options to interact with the player such as inviting the player to your group, private message, trading and challenging to a dual.


Select your abilities from the action bar and then pick your target.

If you click on a monster or challenge another player you will enter battle mode.

You can choose to fight manually where you can control exactly which abilities to use and what to target or you can use the Auto Fight option which will then use an ability that you set automatically.

Character Information

Any skills that you have learnt are shown in the Skill window. To use an ability you must first drag it to a free space on your quickbar.

As you level up attribute points can be assigned to each of your stats.


Any skills that you have learnt are shown in the Skill window. To use an ability you must first drag it to a free space on your quickbar.

As well as abilities you gain as you level up you can also customise your character with new active and passive abilities called talents.

Pet Information

Pets that you are currently carrying are shown in the Pet window where you can change their battle position and pet mode.

By clicking on the attribute button you can see more detailed information about each of your pets.
The more stars a pet has next to a stat the more that stat will increase as the pet levels up.The pets happiness is shown by the number of hearts displayed.
If the pet is unhappy it will not do well in battle.
Make sure to feed your pet regularly!

Quest Log

Click the magnifying glass next to the quest name to track the quest on your screen. Turns on or off tracking for all quests.This area shows detailed information about the selected quest. You can click on the green text next to an NPC name and you will walk to that location.

Dismantling Equipment

To dismantle your equipment and break it down into materials for crafting new equipment, visit the blacksmith NPC. Select the equipment that you want to dismantle, and insert the required Alchemist’s Stone.

Player vs Player Combat

  • There are two types of Player vs Player (PvP) arena – Individual and Guild
  • Individual (Experience): You may enter this arena as many times as you like. You can gain experience points of different values in each zone on the map. Only a limited number of players can gain experience in each zone, so players will have to challenge each other to combat. The cost to enter Individual arena depends on player level. To enter the Individual arena, speak to the Experience Battle Messenger in Karugarner City.
  • Guild (Experience Distributor): Guild leaders can register to occupy Experience Distributor NPCs in cities. The guild who currently occupies the Experience Distributor can receive extra double experience time. If another guild wishes to occupy the Experience Distributor, they must apply to occupy the NPC and battle the current guild at the specified time. The winner will then occupy the Experience Distributor. If the guild currently occupying the NPC fails to join the battle, the challenging guild wins by default. It costs 100 gold for the guild leader to apply to occupy the Experience Distributor, and 1 gold each per guild member entering. Each player may only enter the Guild arena once.
  • Players will receive a certain amount of points depending on their level, when they win or lose. These points can then be exchanged for experience points or rewards from the Personal Fight Record Converter NPC in Karugarner City.


In Canaan Online, you can join a player created guild where you can play with other people, and talk to them in the special guild chat channel. If you would prefer to create your own guild, you can do this by visiting the Guild Administrator NPC in the cities when you reach level 30.

Creating a guild costs 50 gold, and you must gather together 10 members within 24 hours or the guild will not be created.

There are many benefits to being in a guild. Some of these are listed below:

  • Guild Prestige and Resource battles, where your guild can challenge another guild to Player vs Player combat on a large battlefield.
  • Daily quests that provide rewards for the members of the guild.
  • Guild buildings that can be constructed by the Guild President. These buildings may contain services such as merchants and teleporters, as well as provide activities.


When two people love each other very, very much… In Canaan Online you can get married to your partner, or even just to a really good friend! Show that special someone how much you love them by asking them to marry you!

To get married all you need to do is visit the Marriage Manager NPC. You can purchase a Marriage Gift Package from the Marriage Market Owner, and depending on which package you select, you will get certain rewards. The basic package contains a basic marriage certificate and two wedding rings, where as the most extravagant package contains a splendid marriage certificate, two wedding rings, two wedding outfits, fireworks, roses and candy, all for the celebrations! The candy can even be given out to guests, who can consume it to give two hours of double experience! Weddings can be fun for everyone!

And if love wasn’t enough to convince you to marry your loved one, there are some great benefits to being married:

  • A special, exclusive title that declares you are the husband or wife of your partner.
  • When in a team with your marriage partner, you both will gain bonus experience and gold when in combat!

All together now…Awwww!

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