The Druid is truly a force to be reckoned with, harnessing, utilising and controlling the elements of nature. Druids deal damage not only with their traditional whip but also through the use of damaging poisons and toxins.
Druids also, due to their connection to the natural world, use pets in a different way by buffing their own AND those of allies.
Adder's Fang – Melee attack against a single enemy, attack power 200, inflicts Paralysis for 17 seconds.
Nature's Fury – The attacks of the druid's pet have a chance to apply a random debuff effect to the target. As this skill level increases, the chances of successfully debuffing the target as well as the strength of the debuff will increase.


Warriors are close combat fighters who like to be in the thick of battle.
Encased in heavy armour they are protected from the strongest physical blows. They are good at dealing damage while protecting their team and have a strong resistance to physical damage but low defence against magic power. They should not be underestimated, as they are resilient and nearly always found on the front-line.
Perseverance – When your HP is lower than 35%, increase your physical attack by 50%.
Protection – Increase your physical defence and spell resistance by 150%.


Mages are highly intelligent with a natural affinity for controlling the elements.
A crackling ice storm or a raging wall of fire on the battlefield is a sure sign a Mage is nearby.
They have low health and physical defence but make up for it with their ability to inflict huge damage.
Because of their fragile nature, it’s important that the party protects them.
Ignition – 30% chance to do 120 fire damage every 3sec for 30sec with fire damage spells.
Polymeric Ice Shield – Ice shield, decrease physical damage received by 60% for 40sec.


Trained to be lethally accurate with a bow, Rangers like to pick off their targets from a distance while the enemy is distracted. They have the highest dexterity which increases their damage as well as avoidance.
They are agile and deadly, attacking with fearsome speed and accuracy.
They have medium defence and high damage.
Flame Arrow – Burning arrow, attack power 230, decrease target’s spell resists by 200p for 20sec.
Intensified Arrow Rain – Arrow rain, attack power 520, decrease enemy’s damage by 30% and crit by 150p for 20sec.


Priests are blessed with the ability to control light and darkness.
While they are widely known for their powerful heals and buffs, they also have command of dark magic which can make them fierce adversaries.
They are good fighting alone or supporting a team with their buffs and heals. In this way, they are a valued member of any party, taking time to selflessly protect and support their friends while doing damage to their foes.
Self Regeneration – Recover 1500HP, as well as recovering 70HP every 4sec for 55sec.
Dark Shadow – Dark damage, attack power 140, 70% chance to cause 25p of dark damage every 3sec for 25sec.

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