Before the quest for the Sacred Animals ended, the 6th King of Canaan died strangely and suddenly.
The very next day, his heir also died in the same odd manner. Karugarner City was in uproar, thrown off by confusion and grief. The four heroes rushed back to settle the problems and find out first-hand what had happened, but were ambushed at Tri-Fork.
After the attack on the four heroes, alika disappears, and Evan was believed to have been killed. Only Heineger and Walhallen remained.
They returned to the disordered Karugarner City, but were accused by the church of persecution and lotting to seize power.
That night, a huge battle flared, raging on throughout the night. At last, hard-willed Heineger escaped, and brought Walhallen with him.

The four heroes were now scattered; Evan was thought to be dead, Kalika had disappeared, and Heineger and Walhallen had fled from Karugarner City. Supporters of the heroes said they were remaining hidden, not wanting to deal with the disorder and accusations from the church.

Following the battle, Narffileis shut himself away in his study, and did not come out.
This roused people’s suspicions; was he to blame for the attack on the four heroes? After all, he had sent them on the legendary quest. Doubts filled the people’s minds. With no one there to fight back, the Aristocrats’ Council seized their opportunity and took control over the city. The era of the Canaan kingdom was declared over, and slowly the world struggled to regain order. Rumours still spread about the legendary heroes.
Supporters of them said they had disappeared intentionally to continue their quest. If they could locate the Sacred Animals they could prove their innocence to the church and the people.

Over time, the people began to distrust the nobles and the church. The rumours caused confusion, and everyone felt unsafe. When times were rough and hopeless, people believed that God would hand down the Book and allow someone to rewrite creation, allowing them to open the Door to the paradise of the old world, returning to a peaceful land once again.

A year later, Narffileis returned. Some of the people thought he had betrayed the four heroes. Despite this, he began a new expedition, and many young people were excited at the opportunity to help find the Sacred Animals and open the Sacred Gate.
The new adventurers began their training eagerly, and became known as the New Adventurers of the Epic Quest.
They hoped that along the way they might discover the legendary ancient Book, which they came to name ‘The Book of Ideals’. The world has changed a lot since then; old organisations still exist, and new ones are surfacing all the time.
The struggles the travellers face are complicated and frightening, but still they persist.

You, too, will set off on a long and important journey. Perhaps you will be the one to find the legendary Book, and finally help open the door to paradise.

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