When word got out about this legendary paradise, people swarmed to it. Everyone wanted to live in this beautiful and peaceful land. Adventurers, of course, were curious and excited by the prospect of exploration, and travelled deep within the land to find treasures and history. King Mata travelled too, and on his journey he faced dangers that are beyond the people’s comprehension.
His men sacrificed themselves to save the King’s life. King Mata returned, surviving the great dangers of their journey, but he returned alone.

On his return, it is said that God was angry with King Mata for putting his people at risk and endangering his men.
He was punished by God, and was plagued with disappointment and depression. He chose to leave Canaan because he could no longer face his shame.
The exploration team continued, now led by a strong and capable warrior named Adir. Adir chose to lead them to the heart of Canaan.

One day during their expedition, there was a great earthquake that shook the whole land. Grand mountains rose up from the centre and encircled the Heart of Canaan. Now that their route as blocked, Adir decided to lead them on a detour, still wanting to reach the Heart of Canaan. This is how the human race first encountered the other races of the land.
This was a great discovery for Adir and his team. After their expedition ended, a great deal of time passed.
King Mata’s younger sister, Llyth, fell in love with Adir.
The couple married, and continued to lead their lives in peace for many years, until the 6th Crusade began.
An ambitious Emperor from a nation known as Kazan invaded Canaan, exploiting the people. He was a vicious Emperor who expected the people to obey him. When the people ontinued to follow Adir, their only figure of authority, the Emperor named him a fugitive. Adir sought help from the elves, and spent many long years battling against the Emperor and his men to defend the people.
Finally, the people were saved from this overbearing Emperor.

After this disaster, Adir realised he was not ready to lead the people as a King. Even King Mata, an experienced and respected leader, had failed to keep the Canaan people safe. Adir left Canaan and returned to the old world, just as King Mata had done before him.

The door in the universe seemed to disappear, becoming hidden from the people.
Llyth mourned her husband’s departure. Little did he know, she was pregnant with his son, whom she gave birth to and raised on her own, always believing that her beloved husband would return to them one day.
The people of Canaan kept their hopes high despite their strife.
Llyth and Adir’s son went on to become the official King of Canaan, and the people respected him as a leader.
With his reign, the human race finally fully entered the Canaan world.

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